Appraisal Services

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Hillman Appraisal is proficient in many types of appraisal assignments which include but are not limited to:

FHA/UAD compliant mortgage lending appraisals.

Pre – listings, Make sure your selling your house for the proper amount. A complete and thorough drawing of your house will be included.

Estate Settlement – Date of Death appraisal is required by the IRS.

PMI Elimination – Primary Mortgage Insurance can be removed when you pay your property down or the value increases to 80% of value.

Investment services – Market Rent and an Income operating statement can help an investor make wise decisions and give them the satisfaction of knowing what the numbers are and not simply speculating.

Attorneys need appraisals for a variety of clients. Divorce, Estate, Bankruptcy, and Expert Witness.


When a divorce involves valuing assets for the division between parties it is necessary to have accurate, up to date information to enable all parties to make informed, knowledgeable decisions. When families are dividing their assets it can be a very emotional thing. Especially when real estate is involved. You may have raised your children here and have many emotions involved with the real estate. Often the perceived or emotional value has nothing to do with the market value of the real estate being divided or sold. An experienced appraiser can provide an unbiased opinion of value based on facts and not emotions. Some situations require assets to be liquidated, and market value or liquidation values are needed to help sell the property. You can depend on Hillman Appraisal for all real estate situations involving divorce


The passing of a loved one can be a very trying time. An appraiser can value real estate at date of death for the IRS tax purposes, give the estate the information they need to make good decisions, and even provide you with repair costs needed to get the property ready to market, how long will it take to sell the property? How much should you sell it for? Should we fix up the property or sell it as it is?.

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